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A Brief History

Assets, Inc. celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2020, a major milestone that caused us to stop and reflect on our remarkable past. The organization was founded by determined parents and friends of individuals with disabilities, and for many years, was knows as Alaska Specialized Employment and Training Services.

In 1980, a Print Shop, Bindery and other in-house contracts provided employment opportunities for the initial 80 adults served by Assets. Today, the print shop is still in operation, providing high quality services and products to customers throughout Alaska, including Department of Labor and Workforce Development's monthly publication Alaska Economic TRENDS.

Assets, Inc. is the 64th largest private employer is the State of Alaska, with a workforce of over 400 employees, 42% of whom are individuals with disabilities. Each member contributes to the local economy and plays a valued role in the community.

Four years after Assets opened its doors, a contract was signed providing janitorial services at the Anchorage Airport. This was a pivotal moment in the history of the organization as it was the first of many service contracts established between Assets and various entities. Today, these contracts provide a variety of employment options for over 200 employees, both disabled and non-disabled, in such environments as the Anchorage Area Commissary, Providence Hospital, and the Alaska State Court House System. Employees of Assets wash every dish at Providence Hospital, stock every shelf at the commissary and clean every square inch of the Courthouse and Federal Buildings!

Our Supported Living Services began in 1984, followed by Employment Services in 1986. Supported Living Services refers to any combination of skill building, coaching and resource coordination to assist individuals to live in their own homes. Supported Employment assists individuals to obtain and retain employment within local businesses. Assets currently partners with over forty local employers in hiring the right person to ensure job satisfaction for both the employee and employer.

Assets has embraced change and incorporated cutting edge thinking into its service delivery system. New understandings about how individuals with disabilities are best supported have been the foundation of our services.

Our overall purpose, for individuals with disabilities to thrive in and contribute to their community, inspires and challenges us each and every day. We invite you to join us in recognizing the accomplishments over the last 40 years, and in continuing our commitment to make an even greater difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities in the 21st century.

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